Toying Around With Cross Polarization

So sorry about there being no post last week but things have been a bit busy around here and I’m afraid I just haven’t had the time to get one written up. But now that things have quieted down some I can set down and share my latest little experiment with you.

Which of course is cross polarization now I’m still very much new to this but basically what you do is put a circular polarizer filter on the lens then take a light source and put a polarizing filter in front of it which as it turns out a computer screen can not only act as a light source but also has a polarizing filter built in so I used an old tablet as my light source and it works pretty well then just find the cheapest piece of plastic you can find and snap away.

Any way that it for this week I hope you enjoy the photos.DSC_0938DSC_0941DSC_0927DSC_0933DSC_0934DSC_0954


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