Eclipse Preparations

As you are no doubt aware of in just over a months time there will be an Eclipse cutting straight across the continental United States. And fortunately for me, I happen to live right in the path of totality and I fully intend to capture the great American Eclipse as it has come to be called.

Now I have a fair bit of preparation to do. Over the past few months, I got a new camera as well as a 300mm lens and most recently a solar filter and a pack of Eclipse glasses now all that’s left is some testing to get the exposer and what not just right so I went out and got some pictures gradually upping the exposer in order to get it perfect. So I thought I share the photos with you I hope you enjoy. DSC_0820DSC_0835DSC_0836DSC_0837DSC_0838DSC_0839DSC_0840DSC_0841DSC_0842DSC_0843


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