My New Camera!!

Yes, I have a new camera (a Nikon d3300 to be exact) And I am super excited to finally have a proper DSLR to take photos with. And let me tell you it was no easy task to find either after going to half a dozen different stores all across town with no luck, I found a great deal at a local pawn shop for the camera the 18mm to 55mm kit lens the 70mm to 300mm kit lens plus a 55mm prime lens plus a whole bunch of accessories ranging from a polarizer to a remote shutter control and so much more.

And now with my new camera in hand, my creative juices are flowing with all sorts of ideas for photos. But first I still need to play around with it a bit and get a feel for how everything work’s so this week’s post is just a bunch of random stuff ranging from yet more flowers to a quick portrait of my sister.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photos now I’m off to play around some more with my camera.

PS. I have a new watermark by the way.


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