Happy Easter! Pet Photoshoot with The Fuzzy Duchesses

Happy Easter everyone! As with every holiday, I am asked by my sister to do a photoshoot with our pets and I’m happy to do it. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to do it this year because I have been busy with my other job, but I had a free day the other day and was able to do a quick one.

This one was different because they weren’t dressed up excepts for a new flower on Abigail’s collar and Claire’s nicer collar. The reason for this was because it was in the 80’s outside and even though we are inside a photo shoot can get hot with the sun coming in the windows so it was better to leave the outfits off.

As you can see Claire has gotten better about holding still for treats maybe because she is almost a year old now. Abigail like every time was all for it and came running for photos even at twelve years old she sill runs.

If you want to see behind the scenes photos check out my sister’s blog Sassy Book Lover where you will see how silly both can be and a Godzilla kitty photo.  You can also follow Abigail and Claire on Instagram at @TheFuzzyDuchesses where photos are posted all the time of them.


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