Christmas Pet Shoot!

It’s Christmas time which means another opportunity for a pet photo shoot! This is Claire’s first Christmas and that makes it extra special plus she was a little more willing to sit still this not. Treats are the key to getting her to be still and she is learning from Abigail. They are used to a different setup for photos, but the tree was the perfect background for them.

As always Abigail was ready to have her picture taken plus she loves Christmas. She loves the bows, sitting under the tree, and getting a gift. She did have a wardrobe change thing time because her favorite got a rip in it so she switched to a new sweater.

Claire had to show off her red glitter Christmas collar and play under the tree which is a favorite thing of her’s to do. She did borrow Abigail’s pink cowl to wear for a few photos and had to sit on the box the whole time.

I wish there was snow on the ground so I could have taken Abigail out for some fun photos since she loves the snow, but there was definitely not going to be any snow at around 70 degrees.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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