Pet Bio: Claire

c8_edited Name: Claire Victoria Rose

Age: 19 weeks

Occupation: princess of the house, destroyer of the house, eating machine, box hunter, toy tester, and snuggler

Hobbies: Climbing in things, playing with everything in sight, being a roly-poly, getting into trouble with Abigail, watching TV, and putting on a show

Claire is our new family member. We adopted her a month ago after our beloved cat Spot passed away. She has a true tortitude and isn’t afraid of anything. The day we brought her home she walked out of her pet taxi with a sassy walk and was like she had always been here. She and Abigail have become fast friends and love to get into thing together. She spends her days playing with everything she can find and waiting for someone to get something to eat so she can try to still some. She has her own routine at night that includes running around the house and then once 10:30pm hits she usually climbs up on top of her tower and goes to sleep. She sets goals for herself of places to jump and get into and when she gets frustrated she meows to let you know. She can make you laugh so hard your sides hurt with her craziness.

Here are some of her pictures (she rarely holds still)


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