Pet Bio: Spot


Name: Sir Spot of The Round Table

Age: 9 years old

Occupation: Guard cat, performer, assist to Abigail, a bird watcher, and a cute crazy furball

Hobbies: Scratching anything cardboard or paper, giving kisses, talking, tripping people, scaring people, and causing trouble with Abigail

Spot is my cat and the entertainer of the house. He has two modes sleeping angel and crazy ball of fluff. Most of the time he is happy to sleep on tables until the feeling strikes him to run and run then stare you down in a creepy manner. He lays wherever he wants no matter who or what is in his way and loves to wear his camo collar and bowties. He’s always keen for a bit of food especially his wet food or a bite of an egg when he can get it. For a large cat, he can magically disappear in the house then reappear to at the right moment to scare you or trip you.

Here are some of his photos:



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