Pet Bio: Abigail

2016-27-6--14-47-32.jpeg Name: Abigail Lousie

Age: 10 years old

Occupation: Queen of the house, protector of the house, writing assistant, model, and love bug

Hobbies: Chasing the cat (in play), being a wiggle worm, sitting in the sun, sleeping on her pillows or people, dressing up, and running in snow

Abigail is my sister’s little dog and ruler of the house. Don’t let her age fool you she still acts like a puppy and goes wild at times with the cat. She spends her days taking over the sofa and being my sister’s writing assistant and every once in awhile she likes to go out and play depending on the weather. Her best friend is my cat Spot (his post coming soon) they play together, sleep together and sometimes aggravate the life out of each other, but they love each other no matter what. In her spare time, she’s a part-time model and loves to show off her outfits for the camera. She will sit for hours for pictures as log as there is a payment of filet mignon treats because she demands the best. Fall and winter are her favorite seasons because of leaf piles and snow that she loves to run and play in even if it’s up to her neck.

Here are some of her photos:



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